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Username Post: Low GPA, Not Giving Up
03-15-12 07:06 AM - Post#81180    
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Unfortunately I have to work full time to pay for my courses and living expenses. If I win the lottery tomorrow, I'll certainly quit my day job and take classes full-time. :-)

After careful consideration, I think it would be best for me to spend the next three years in this post-bac program getting A's.

Updated Post-Bacc Program:

Summer 2012

Fall 2012
General Chemistry & Biology

Spring 2013
Organic Chemistry I

Summer 2013
MCAT Review (Physics/Biology)

Fall 2013
Organic Chemistry II
Cell Biology/Physiology

Spring 2014 -
Mammalian Physiology
Analytical Chemistry

Summer 2014
MCAT Review (Chemistry/Physics)

Fall 2014 -

Spring 2015 -
MCAT Prep (Kaplan/Princeton Review)
Take MCAT (April/May)

Summer 2015 - Apply Apply Apply

Does anyone know when the new version of the MCAT will begin to be administered?

Appreciate all the support and information? Please keep it coming.

27 year old Female
Washington, D.C.

B.A. in Philosophy (UMD College Park)

Post-Bac Program:
Science in the Evening UMD College Park
- Gen Chem I (Summer 2012)
- Organic Chem I (Fall 2012)
- Intro Bio (Fall 2012)

- Organic Chem II (Spring 2013)
- Microbiology (Spring 2013)
- Physics I & II (Summer 2013)

"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place."

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